Hacky Easter 2021

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Hacky Easter 2021 was an event that ran April 1 - May 13 2021.

The challenges are listed in the order I solved them.

More write-ups coming soon!


Challenge: Well, this is not a real challenge yet, just a quick intro. Some would say sanity check.

Basement Cat

Challenge: Hi, me iz Basement Cat! Here iz flag: 5jsnZDgv9EfFeoGXZrFurdz7MWAnK2WaPfszFadr

Easy One

Challenge: How did this happen? This was supposed to be a valid QR code, but some ants walked across it. Can you repair the damage?


Challenge: There's a secret code in the beehive. format: he2021{flaglower}. Lowercase only, and no spaces!


Challenge: 🦄 Ain't no CTF without a unicorn! 🦄 s7GvyM1RKEstKs7Mz7NVMtQzUFJIzUvO T8nMS7dVCg1x07VQsrfj5bJJzs9LL0os KQayFRRs0nIS0+0yUo0MjAyrS/MMkw2K 8uIN8...

Caesar's Meme

Challenge: As is only little known, the ancient Romans invented the memes.


Challenge: The rays of sunshine are right there, in front of your eyes.


Challenge: I swear I had the flag a minute ago, but now it seems to be hidden somewhere… Go back to level 3 and analyze the files of the challenges aga...

No No No

Challenge: No! No… nono .. Where's the egg???

Haxxor what?

Challenge: I got this image of an Easter egg. But what kind of encryption is this?!

Ansi Art

Challenge: Hope you like my ansi art egg! Get it with nc 2105

Bunny Beat

Challenge: The bunnies have discovered minimal beats! But where is the flag?

Run Me, Baby!

Challenge: This one's easy, ain't it? Just run the .class file. Hope you like Java!

Ghost in a Shell 1

Challenge: Connect to the server, snoop around, and find the flag! . ssh -p 2106 -l inky . password is: mucky_4444


Challenge: One of the bunnies made a new friend. But when asked for the name, he only got the response below. Can you find out the friend's name, in UP...

Social Checker

Challenge: Social Checker - check if your favourite social media site is online!


Challenge: Had a flag, but it got digizzled. Can you recover it? enter flag: [REDACTED] digizzling… c5ab05ca73f205ca


Challenge: One of the flags accidentally fell into the pot with the rejected ones! Can you recover the lost flag?

46 Apes

Challenge: 46 apes encoded a message for you: 2Qu93ZhJHdsMGIlhmcgUXagMWe19icmBGbnFiOoBTZwIjM7FGd0gHdfNTbuB2a5V2X1JzcuF3MzNQf==

Ghost in a Shell 2

Challenge: Connect to the server, snoop around, and find the flag! ssh -p 2108 -l clyde password is: 555-ClYdE Note: The service is rest...

Hunny Bunny

Challenge: hunnybunny loves music! Can you figure out what else he loves? 4ab56415e91e6d5172ee79d9810e30be5da8af18 c19a3ca5251db76b221048ca0a445fc39ba5...


Challenge: Save the planet! Well, we should then better LOTL and use what we have, right? nc 2102 Get a shell and read the flag. N...

Haxxor what 2?

Challenge: I was able to break the first file, but I'm stuck at this one. Help!

Sailor's Knot

Challenge: There is a huge variety of sailor's knots, but the common thing is they all use rops or other types of cords. nc 2112 Get ...