One of the bunnies made a new friend. But when asked for the name, he only got the response below.

Can you find out the friend's name, in UPPERCASE?

⚑ format: he2021{JOHNDOE}


At first glance I thought the challenge graphic of an old IBM punchcard, but realized the challenge layout was not a fixed width and would change depending on screen resolution. I also thought it might represent a keyboard layout, or a Periodic Chart, or Morse Code but all attempts to match any of those to the solution failed quickly. However, after trying to convert the ▫️ and 😈 to dits and dashes the idea came to me to convert them to zeros and ones to produce a binary string. I copy/pasted the challenge into a text editor and did a find/replace on the boxes to replace them with 1's and the demons with 0's

I pasted the sequence of 0's and 1's into a CyberChef From Binary operation:

A Google search for 1000000000000066600000000000001 led me to a Wikipedia page for Belphegor's prime.

The accepted flag was, he2021{BELPHEGOR}.



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