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How many Fall enrollments are there in Information Systems Security (ISSC) courses? Submit the flag as flag{#}.

Use the database from Counting Heads.


Using the database we created during the Counting Heads challenge, and our knowledge of the other tables from the previous challenges related to this database, we reviewed the remaining tables to determine the inter-relationships.

We determined that counting the distinct enrollment_ids from the enrollment table, where the "term course id" was linked to the "FALL2002" term, would return the challenge solution:

mysql> SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(e.enrollment_id)) FROM courses c JOIN term_courses tc ON tc.course_id = c.course_id JOIN enrollments e ON e.term_crs_id = tc.term_crs_id JOIN terms t ON t.term_id = tc.term_id WHERE t.term_name = "FALL2022" AND c.description LIKE 'ISSC%';


The accepted flag was: flag{526}



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