Last year, De Monne was infiltrated by an insider threat who was caught and arrested for his involvement with DEADFACE. He made a deal to lessen his sentence if he gave up the names of any of his cohorts. He didn't provide a name, but he says there is another inside threat. What is the first and last name of the likely inside threat?

Submit the flag as flag{First_Last}.


From lamia415's bio on the CTF story webpage we learned that she was a possible insider threat, so we started following that trail:

We pulled-up lamia415's profile on GhostTown and reviewed each of the threads listed in her activity listing. We found a thread titled "Lucia, got that symmetric key for you" where luciafer refers to lamia415 as 'Lorianne'":

With that information we did a Google search for "De Monne" Lorianne and found a result for a profile on LinkedIn, which gave us the last name for the flag:

The accepted flag was: flag{Lorianne_Rebarchek}



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