RansomWAR 1 - Let's HASH This Out, Fellas


The RansomWAR has begun! Last year, Luciafer attempted, and TheZeal0t succeeded, in encrypting a large number of Lytton Lab's sensitive files with cryptoware.

But the mercenary hacker, CODENAME "Dark Angel" isn't going to sit idly by and be played a fool by DEADFACE! Oh, NO! DarkAngel has also created cryptoware that he / she hash unleashed on DEADFACE. After DEADFACE, it is likely that DarkAngel will attempt to target Turbo Tactical as well.

We managed to get copies of Dark Angel's ransomware, along with some encrypted files and artifacts produced by the malware. The encrypted files were passed to us by our contact inside DEADFACE.

Obtain the SHA512 hash of the DarkAngel Encryptor program (Windows version). Enter the flag as the first eight hex digits, a colon (":"), and the last eight digits of the SHA512 hash, in lower case, as follows:



This challenge was pretty straightforward:

$ shasum -a512 darkangel-crypt-03.exe | cut -d" " -f1 | python3 -c "import sys;[sys.stdout.write(f'{l[0:8]}:{l[-9:]}') for l in sys.stdin]" 


The accepted flag was: flag{d5241cbd:681ebf44}



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