Life's a Glitch


Another one of De Monne's employees was compromised. DEADFACE left a GIF image of what looks like a glitched face. They claim there is a flag in the GIF. See if you can use your repertoire of tools to find the flag hidden in the GIF.


To be completely honest, solving this challenge took us a lot of time and down quite a few rabbit holes… The provided image was an animated GIF containing 80 frames, which we extracted and analyzed individually with the standard set of stego tools. After quite some time we focused our attention on frames 23 and 24.

We ended up with two solutions, but neither really produced a clear flag so we're not sure if there was an intended solution that results in a better final image.

Solution 1:

Use ImageMagick's convert utility to extract the individual frames from the GIF:

$ convert glitchedout.gif %02d.png

Now open image 23.png (convert starts its count at zero) and zoom in 300%:

Solution 2:
  1. Open the GIF in GIMP and hide all layers except for #24
  2. Create a new layer under #24 with a solid color background
  3. Zoom in to 400%

The accepted flag was: flag{c0rrupt3d!}



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