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What is deephax's home address?

Submit the flag as flag{street, city, state abbreviation zipcode}.

Example: flag{123 Main St, Sacramento, CA 95843}


From deephax's bio on the CTF story webpage, as well as his GhostTown post regarding the Netgear router he found in the ESU library, we can assume he is student at ESU:

Using the ESU database from the previous challenges we queried for user's with an email address containing the string deephax and one user was returned:

mysql> SELECT * FROM users JOIN states ON users.state_id=states.state_id WHERE email LIKE "%deephax%"\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
     user_id: 1701
    username: ezell88
       first: Johnny
        last: Ezell
      middle: R
       email: deephax@deadface.io
      street: 3840 Ingram St
        city: Manchester
    state_id: 41
         zip: 45693
      gender: m
         dob: 1988-05-29
    state_id: 41
  state_full: Ohio
state_abbrev: OH
  country_id: 199

The accepted flag was: flag{3840 Ingram St, Manchester, OH 45693}



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