Fall Classes


How many unique Fall courses are present in the database dump? Submit the flag as flag{#}.

Use the database from Counting Heads.


Using the database we created during the Counting Heads challenge, we re-reviewed the tables and determined the 'terms' and 'term_courses' tables contained the data we needed to solve the challenge:

mysql> SELECT * FROM terms;

term_id	term_name	start_date	end_date	description
1	SPRING2022	2022-04-04	2022-07-29	Spring semester 2022
2	FALL2022	2022-08-01	2022-11-25	Fall semester 2022
mysql> DESCRIBE term_courses;

Field	Type	Null	Key	Default	Extra
term_crs_id	int	NO	PRI	NULL	auto_increment
course_id	int	NO	MUL	NULL	
term_id	int	NO	MUL	NULL	
instructor	int	NO	MUL	NULL	
mysql> SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(course_id)) FROM term_courses WHERE term_id = (SELECT term_id FROM terms WHERE term_name LIKE "FALL2022");


The accepted flag was: flag{405}



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