Window Pains


One of De Monne's employees had their personal Windows computer hacked by a member of DEADFACE. The attacker managed to exploit a portion of a database backup that contains sensitive employee and customer PII.

Inspect the memory dump and tell us the Windows Major Operating System Version, bit version, and the image date/time (UTC, no spaces or special characters). Submit the flag as flag{OS_BIT_YYYYMMDDhhmmss}.

Example: flag{WindowsXP_32_202110150900}

Download File (1.5GB; ~5GB after decompression)
SHA1: 293c3a2a58ed7b15a8454f6dcd8bec0773ba550e
Password: d34df4c3


Using Volatility 3 and the windows.Info.Info plug-in:

$ python3 -f ../physmemraw

Volatility 3 Framework 1.0.0
Progress:  100.00        PDB scanning finished
Variable    Value

Kernel Base    0xf8005da00000
DTB    0x1aa000
Symbols    file:///Users/kris/Downloads/volatility3-1.0.0/volatility3/symbols/windows/ntkrnlmp.pdb/47114209A62F3B9930F6B8998DFD4A99-1.json.xz
Is64Bit    True
IsPAE    False
primary    0 WindowsIntel32e
memory_layer    1 FileLayer
KdVersionBlock    0xf8005e60f378
Major/Minor    15.19041
MachineType    34404
KeNumberProcessors    4
SystemTime    2021-09-07 14:57:44
NtSystemRoot    C:\WINDOWS
NtProductType    NtProductWinNt
NtMajorVersion    10
NtMinorVersion    0
PE MajorOperatingSystemVersion    10
PE MinorOperatingSystemVersion    0
PE Machine    34404
PE TimeDateStamp    Sat Apr  7 12:04:17 2068

The accepted flag was, flag{Windows10_64_20210907145744}



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