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An anonymous tipster sent us this photo alleging that it's a note written by b3li3f1203. The tipster claims that the note was intended for someone who works at De Monne Financial. They also said it's likely that it has something to do with a phishing campaign. Provide the name of the target individual as the flag in this format: flag{FirstName_LastName}.

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Working on a hunch that the ciphertext resembled samples produced by the Caesar Cipher, we transcribed the text in the image into CyberChef, applied the ROT13 operation and iterated through shift values. The plaintext was revealed with a shift amount of 12:

The accepted flag was, flag{Marcus_Byner}

Sidenote: The challenge wording was a bit confusing, as the accepted flag was technically part of the phishing lure, not the victim.



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