Address Book


It looks like DEADFACE is targeting one of De Monne's customers. Check out this thread in Ghost Town and submit the customer's name as the flag: flag{Jane Doe}.

Use the MySQL database dump from Body Count.

Ghost Town thread


The Ghost Town thread linked in the challenge description was a discussion regarding a potential target that lives in Vienna and is female.

Using the clues from the thread we queried the customers table:

mysql> SELECT * FROM customers WHERE city="Vienna" AND gender="F"\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
   cust_id: 2574
 last_name: Allsopp
first_name: Collen
    street: 90360 Red Cloud Crossing
      city: Vienna
     state: VA
   country: US
    postal: 22184
    gender: F
       dob: 10/25/1973

The accepted flag was, flag{Collen Allsopp}



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