EZ Bake Oven


Do you like baking? Don't leave the oven on for too long!

Open the Deployment tab to start this challenge.


The website for the challenge displays an oven with buttons for cooking various desserts:


The dessert of of interest is obviously Magic Cookies and clicking "Cook" starts a countdown:


Given the pretty clear clues that the challenge involved "baking cookies" I used Chrome's Developer Tools to view my current browser cookies and found an cookie named in_oven that looked interesting:

Cookie Name Value
in_oven eyJyZWNpcGUiOiAiTWFnaWMgQ29va2llcyIsICJ0aW1lIjogIjA5LzI2LzIwMjAsIDE5OjAyOjIyIn0=

Decoding from Base64 produced the JSON string: {"recipe": "Magic Cookies", "time": "09/26/2020, 19:02:22"}, which was the time (in UTC) I clicked the Magic Cookies oven button. Since the oven displayed 119+ hours remaining I subtracted 5 days from the start time, generated a new cookie, pasted it into Chrome and reloaded the page.

{"recipe": "Magic Cookies", "time": "09/21/2020, 19:02:22"} = eyJyZWNpcGUiOiAiTWFnaWMgQ29va2llcyIsICJ0aW1lIjogIjA5LzIxLzIwMjAsIDE5OjAyOjIyIn0=



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